Leaders in Lending
Leaders in Lending

Episode · 4 months ago

Fast, Easy, Simple: Improving Customer Experience in a Digital World


When it comes to the future of banking, the best service may be no service at all. In other words, the best service may be self-service.

Mark Pregmon, GM of Consumer Lending Line of Business at USAA, joins the show today to share his thoughts on why building things digitally requires a different way of thinking and why making processes fast, easy, and simple is the key to customer satisfaction.

At USAA, Mark is responsible for credit underwriting, core servicing, and default management for consumer lending products. USAA has been serving military families since 1922. The company’s goal is to be the military community’s provider of choice for insurance, banking, and financial products.

We discuss:

- Maintaining focus on the quality of digital experiences

- Meeting customer needs in a digital environment

- Trends in consumer lending products

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