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Leaders in Lending

Episode · 1 year ago

The Future of Lending w/ Jeff Keltner


What does the future of lending look like?

And how can financial institutions leverage modern technologies and techniques to bring their programs and products into the digital world?

Leaders in Lending, a brand new podcast from Upstart, aims to answer those questions and more by interviewing leaders from across the financial industry about current trends and strategies in consumer lending.

In this introductory episode, Jeff Keltner, SVP of Business Development at Upstart and the host of Leaders in Lending, discusses:

  • How Upstart helps banks and credit unions offer seamless consumer lending experiences
  • The trends shaping the lending industry
  • What and who to expect on future episodes of the show

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You are listening to leaders and lending from upstart, a podcast dedicated to helping consumer lenders grow their programs and improve their product offerings. Each week here, decision makers in the finance industry offer insights into the future of the lending industry, Best Practices around digital transformation. In more let's get into the show. Welcome to the introductory episode of leaders in lending. We are here today with Jeff Keltner, a smoothie of business development at upstart and the host of the show. My name is Leslie Cruz and I'm one of the producers of the show. So they only talking to jeff about what you, the listener, can expect from this podcast. But before we jumped into that, Jeff, can you just tell us a little bit about yourself? Sure, I work at upstart as our SPP of business development, which means I spend a lot of time with financial technology vendors fintext the most importantly, consumer lending leaders at banks and credit unions. I joined up start about nine years ago, when we were just five people. I came to upstart, along with a bunch...

...of our executives, from Google, where I spent nearly six years helping to build out the nascent at the time cloud computing business. I actually studied computer science as Stanford, but I've spent most of my career at the intersection of kind of new technologies and how they end up being actually deployed and adding valued other industries. So your company, upstart, is producing the podcast. So tell us a little bit about upstart. Yeah, when our founding team left Google to start upstart, we really saw big issues hindering the consumer credit world in particular. Number One, we saw risk assessments that were leaving many credit worthy bar wers either decline or paying higher interest rates, and they really should have, based on their likelihood to default into that. The process to borrow money was way too high friction, lots of manual processing, lots of documents to upload and review and really kind of not what we would expect in the digital world, and we felt like the application of modern technologies, and in particular ai and machine learning techniques, could really improve both the experience for barers and the economics for lenders. Today, upstart as a leading artificial intelligence lending...

...platform specifically focused on consumer lending, at least for now. We work with banks and credit unions to leverage our technologies to offer seamless consumer lending experiences and better risk analysis so the lenders can approve more bar wers, reduced a friction in the borrowing process, all those cumbers some documents to upload, all will minimizing the risk of fraud and managing to the lenders risk appetite and target returns. That's awesome. And why did you want to start this podcast? Well, in the almost nine years I've been here, we've talked to a lot of credit unions, a lot of banks about what the future of lending looks like, from different techniques than risk assessment to what the digital transformation and shift to mobile looks like for them. And these trends have all been accelerated by COVID and we hope, through the lenders and leading podcast, to enable lenders to learn from the experiences of others, whether those are fin tax other banks and credit unions, to help understand how they can best employ new technologies improve their experiences. And our goal is really to help them understand what's happening, how those trends are shaping the future of consumer lending and what they can do to provide the best opportunities experiences and products to their consumers. It sounds like a lot you have to offer your listeners, but what can they expect when...

I listen to each episode? So it's not just going to be US talking about about us. We really want to talk about talk with leaders from across the linning industry to share their expertise. So what are they doing? What specifically is working well? How do you drive change across a financial institution? How do you adapt the future? What are those consumer trends that are may be shaping not just what people are doing today but long term? We really want this to be both informative at the strategic long term level and full of immediately actionable insights, little practical tips and advice on how you could actually move your programs, your products and your and your institution forward. It's great. And how can listeners connect with you, just in case they have ideas for topics or you know, guess that you should be featuring on the show. Yeah, I try to make myself as easy to find as I can, so I'm easy to search on linkedin and my email is just jeff at upstartcom. One of the benefits of being early. Just get your first name at for your email address. People can reach me either way. I'm pretty responsive right well, that just about wraps it up for our introductory episode of Jeff will be taking over for episode one and beyond. Thank you so much,...

Jeff. I am super excited to see the show grow. I think it's going to add a ton of value to your listeners. Thanks. Laws up start partners with banks and credit unions to help grow their consumer loan portfolios and deliver a modern, all digital lending experience. As the average consumer becomes more digitally savvy, it only makes sense that their bank does too. UPSTARTS AI landing platform uses sophisticated machine learning models to more accurately identify risk and approve more applicants than traditional credit models. With fraud rates near zero, upstarts all digital experience reduces manual processing for banks and offers a simple and convenient experience for consumers. Whether you're looking to grow and enhance your existing personal and auto learning programs or you're just getting started, upstart can help. Upstart offers an into in solution that can help you find more credit worthy borrowers within your risk profile, with all digital underwriting, onboarding, loan closing and servicing. It's all possible...

...with upstart in your corner. Learn more about finding new borrowers, enhancing your credit decisioning process and growing your business by visiting UPSTARTCOM forward banks. That's upstartcom forward banks. You've been listening to leaders and lending from upstart. Make sure you never miss an episode. Subscribe to leaders and lending in your favorite podcast player using apple podcast. Leave as a quick rating by tapping the number of stars you think the show deserves. Thanks for listening. Until next time,.

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